More than just a meal

For 79 year old Lorna, her journey with Camden Meals on Wheels began six years ago when she needed some extra support after undergoing a serious operation.

Lorna has been enjoying nutritious meals delivered to her home each week by a friendly volunteer.  This has enabled her to remain living independently in her own home.  Camden Meals on Wheels range of social programs have kept her social active and connected to her local community.

“Having good, nutritious food is a very important part of my life. As is knowing that Camden Meals on Wheels are there and I am able to talk to someone.”

Lorna soon realised the iconic organisation is ‘more than just a meal’, also enjoying craft workshops, ‘Book Bus’ and many more social support programs through her local service.

Accessing the Little Corner Community Café has allowed Lorna to form new friendships, have meaningful conversations and keep socially connected with people from all walks of life.

“I have made so many new friends and having each other around makes the world so much brighter. It is so important to know that we are all there to support one another.”

Lorna also accesses her local service’s shopping bus which allows her to remain independent and buy her own groceries at the shopping centre each week.

“If we didn’t have this service, the only way I could get to the shop would be in a taxi which is very expensive, or I’d need to wait for my family to be able to take me when they can, otherwise I just can’t go.” Lorna says before becoming a Camden Meals on Wheels customer, she thought they only supported the community through delivered meals.

However, now that she’s been using the service, she’s realised “It’s actually all about the people – they treat us beautifully and are always there to help. I trust that Camden Meals on Wheels will look after us and support us living independently and well in our homes.”

If you, or someone you know would like to get involved, call the office  02 4655 6822.

Social Support

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