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Meal Information

Our meals all meet Australian Food Safety Standards with a special focus on balanced nutrition.

The current Camden Meals on Wheels menu has over 100 items, which includes meals (both main and mini size), soups, desserts and juice. We can deliver hot or frozen meals which can be stored for convenience.

People can order order a meal: online, by phone, in person, by email, or hand it to the volunteer. We really do try and cater to our clients’ needs and make the process simple.

Generally meals are delivered between 10:45am and 1:00pm depending on how many people are on the delivery run.

We currently have five different quality meal suppliers. We can provide texture-modify meals (puree or chop) as required.

Our menu is continuously reviewed. The frozen menu is reviewed throughout the year and is changed as required by demand or preference of our clients.

Meals are subsidised by the Australian Federal Government (Dept of Health for Aged Care). The prices advertised on our menu include the subsidy discount.

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