The team from Reckitt share their Meals on Wheels volunteering experience


Providing employees with the opportunity to volunteer is become more common in many organisations, and Reckitt have found a way to create a partnership that delivers a fulfilling volunteer opportunity.

Throughout the last year Reckitt, makers of Glen 20 and Pine O Cleen have been providing grassroots support for Meals on Wheels organisations throughout Australia. Particularly during COVID, their donations of products to sanitise and ensure hygenic environments have made their way to our clients and clients across Australia. Their latest partnership with Woolworths and Meals on Wheels will see the distribution of hygiene packs to our clients, and you can learn more about the partnership here.

As a part of bringing their purpose and partnership to life, Reckitt have been supporting their team to participate in volunteering with Meals on Wheels. Camden Meals on Wheels have been fortunate to host a number of the team from Reckitt. As well as providing much needed support for our activities, the volunteer team are getting to see what Meals on Wheels means to our community.

Olly, the Regional Director (Hygiene) shared his thoughts on the experience. “The impact the Meals on Wheels team has on the community in Camden is tremendous. From arranging transport to ensuring everyone has access to news and books; to creating moments where people can come together and simply share some nourishing food and have a chat and laugh playing bingo. The positive impact was very clear to see.”

Our clients enjoyed Olly’s BINGO calling so much, they are hoping he might be back each month.

The team from Reckitt immersed themselves in helping Camden Meals on Wheels. They were busy making cups of tea, serving meals and helping to clean up. Nothing was too much trouble and their practical support made our event all the better.

Angela, Regional Legal Director summed up her experience by saying “It was humbling and joyful to be part of this gorgeous service giving the elderly in our community, genuine social connection, laughter, and supporting their independence.”

We care for our community at Camden Meals on Wheels, and if you or someone you know would like to get involved, whether as a volunteer, supporter or client, we would love to hear from you.

To read more about our cafe experience, please click here.

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