A minute with Kaye

For 76 years young Kaye, Camden Meals on Wheels have been a part of her life for eight years.  Having first learnt about Camden Meals on Wheels when a friend needed some help, Kaye discovered that Camden Meals on Wheels offer so much more than just a meal. 

 “Meals on Wheels help so many people in so many ways. There are the meals, but they also provide transport services to help people get to appointments and I just love meeting new people at the social activities.” Kaye shares. Since discovering all that Camden Meals on Wheels offers, Kaye has become a regular attendee at events and excursions, and has made so many new friends that she adores. “I just love my Meals on Wheels family and spending time together is just so beautiful.”

Kaye is busy leading an active life, full of social and community activities. “Having meals in the freezer when I get home just makes life so much easier.  I know I am getting a nutritious meal without having to cook for myself, and worry about eating right.”  Nutrition is vital to aging well, and Meals on Wheels are proud to be designed in line with the National Meal Guidelines ensuring that meals will support older Australians to meet their nutritional requirements.

Kaye doesn’t look like she will be slowing down any time soon, she is often the first person to jump on a swing when on excursion with Camden Meals on Wheels. “Camden Meals on Wheels make eating well easy to do, and you are not sacrificing on taste!”

Kaye absolutely raves about our Curried Prawns and she recommends them to everyone. “I always make sure I have some in the freezer, they are absolutely delicious.” Kaye says.

If you, or someone you know would like to learn more about how Camden Meals on Wheels can help you call the office 02 4655 6822.


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